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Symposium: 2 - 4 June 2017
Published: 22 December 2017

Interstices 18 – Pattern / Surface: a pursuit of material narratives

Edited by Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul, Susan Hedges and Ross Jenner


Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul, Susan Hedges and Ross Jenner
Surface / Pattern: a pursuit of material narratives


Anuradha Chatterjee
Between colour and pattern: Ruskin’s ambivalent theory of constructional polychromy

Andrew Douglas
On territorial images: Erewhon, or, chiastic desire

Sebastien Galliot
From ritual efficacy to iconic efficiency: ritual encoding and the transformation of Samoan religiosity

Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul
Binding and arresting: surface and pattern in a contemporary traditional Pacific building


Spyros Papapetros
Ornament as portable ecology: Bodily and architectural adornment on a global scale

Tēvita ’Ō. Ka’ili
Pacific patterns: Hoa in binary relationships, repetition, symmetry, kupesi, and mana

Postgraduate Creative Design Research Projects

Joanne Choueiri, Supervisor: Füsun Türetken
Interiors of Memories: A study of personal memories based on the works of Luigi Serafini and Georges Perec

John de Manincor
Whethering Station: Thin surface, thick surface


Esther Mecredy
COMMENTARY Mike Davis’ Lang Doors: a commentary in terms of time, material and practice

Sean Flanagan
BOOK REVIEW The Auckland School: 100 years of architecture and planning. Edited by Julia Gatley and Lucy Treep

John Walsh
EXHIBITION REVIEW The Auckland School: Celebrating the centenary of the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning

Jan Smitheram
BOOK REVIEW The Baroque in Architectural Culture 1880–1980. Edited by Andrew Leach, John Macarthur and Maarten Delbeke.