Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts is about the spaces between idea and thing, where perfect correspondence is never quite found, demanding a realm of endless negotiation and productive interpretation. Its role is not to reaffirm existing normative standards and canons, nor to rest comfortably in the supposed self-sufficiency of the building object, regional identity, composition, nature, function … but to explore the interstices, the gaps and fractures within an institution that appears solid, secure and fixed.

Interstices is an open forum for the dissemination of architecture and thought. It is an open access, non-profit journal published once a year. Interstices does not charge authors any fees for submission, publication or access to articles.

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Interstices 23 - Call for PG Research Submissions


Call for Design Research Projects


NASA (JPL/JHUAPL), (2020). Six Views of the Eros Asteroid – “Eros' Bland Butterscotch Colors” [Source: Wikimedia Commons -]

Continuing our commitment to publish the work of emerging design researchers, Interstices: Journal of Architecture & Related Arts invites postgraduate or recently graduated researchers in architecture and related art and design fields to submit projects for the journal’s peer-reviewed, creative design research section.

Projects should be complete at the time of submission and include an explanatory synopsis of 1,500 – 2,000 words.

Project documentation and the synopsis should:

  • Be original and previously unpublished.
  • In the case of visual material, include up to ten indicative views of the proposal.
  • In the case of moving image, animated sequences, or audio works, not exceed four minutes in duration.
  • Include a scholarly and critically situating synopsis for the project coauthored by both the project’s creator and the supervisor(s) involved (if applicable). The synopsis should bear the name of the researcher as the primary author and the supervisor (if included) as the secondary author.
  • Exhibit, if feasible, a relationship with the journal issue theme – “Architectures of Love” – although this is not mandatory. Note: the call for Issue 23 can be seen at

Visit our website to view the Guidelines for Submissions for details about the reviewing process, copyright requirements and formatting:

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